The East

the east

Release Date: January, 2013

Plot Outline: An operative for an intelligence firm is assigned with joining an anarchist group undercover that is known for attacking major corporations.

Rating: 5/5

The East is now in the category of my favorite movies. I was extremely impressed with all aspects of this film. The acting was on point. I was completely convinced of each character and their development, the story line itself was fresh and unique, and it kept me on the edge of my seat and squeezing my boyfriend’s hand throughout the film.

What was great about The East is that it is controversial and overwhelmingly grey. There is no black and white in this film. The villains are the heroes depending on your own values and perspectives. What makes this film exceptional is that everyone will walk out feeling differently. Your opinion of The East will be based on your own personal values after encouraging some heavy self reflection, which will instigate fascinating conversations with friends after watching it.

I am obsessed with this film and I am obsessed with Brit Marling. I vow to see every film she is in. Any movie I have seen of hers thus far, I leave the movie with my jaw dropped and can’t stop thinking about it for days, sometimes weeks, this film included.

I strongly recommend this film. I was more than pleased and I think others will be as well. It is a shame that this phenomenal film has not gained more recognition.


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