The Guilt Trip


Release Date: December 2012

Plot Outline:

Rating: 3/5 stars

Bechdel Test: Fail

I have to say that I expected nothing going into The Guilt Trip. It looked ridiculous and silly but sometimes I am in that kind of mood so I went for it. I am shocked to say this but I was pleasantly surprised by The Guilt Trip. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I never thought I would say this but The Guilt Trip was absolutely adorable!

For one, the relationship between Andrew Brewster (Seth Rogan) and his mother, Joyce Brewster( Barbra Streisand) was perfect. Their chemistry was spot on! I loved watching the two interact. Their interactions had me cracking up.

The plot was very interesting and sweet. This young man wants his mother to find love again, so he kind of tricks her and has her come with him to his cleaning supply pitches, but all the while, he is planning on bringing her to her long lost loves house…even though spending all his time with his annoying mother is the last thing he wants.

The Guilt Trip was so adorable and made me so happy. I even teared up!

If you want a sweet, cute, adorable family comedy, this is the film for you! I think this movie went way under the radar which makes me sad because it was so enjoyable.



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