In Transition

Hello everyone,

I know I have not written a review since February. It has been quite a long few months. I have a few different reasons for this. One is that I have been pursuing other hobbies and have not had sufficient time to dedicate to writing reviews. I have been watching movies but not as many as I would like to. Another reason for my absence is that I have been contemplating how much I actually like writing reviews. I am more of a talker.

As you know, I used to review films on YouTube. I stopped doing that for two major reasons. For one, I entered the professional world and I did not want clients to find me on social media. The other major contributing factor to quitting YouTube reviews was that the majority of the comments on my videos was from males commenting on my appearance and then finding me and FaceBook and trying to friend me or they would sent me messages. Now, I never got any mean comments calling me ugly or any bad names. Nothing like that. I got a lot of compliments which, while the words were nice and meant to be complimentary, that was not the reason I was on YouTube. I was on YouTube to talk about movies because that is what I love to do. Because I was unhappy with my experience on YouTube, I settled for writing reviews.

I have been contemplating a lot lately. In short, I have decided that the best compromise for myself is to start a podcast! This is in the works. I have recorded a few reviews but I am still figuring out how to edit them.

Movie reviews are coming back as soon as possible. Bear with me during this transition.


One Response to “In Transition”

  1. criticnic Says:

    Awesome Des! Looking forward to he podcast. I’ve personally been thinking of tying that out as well, haven’t been feeling as passionate about my reviews for some time.

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