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Hush Movie Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to my podcast,
I reviewed the thriller, Hush. A woman seeking peace in the woods is terrorized by a masked killer. She fights to survive but the only thing is…she is deaf and can’t hear him coming!
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Hello everyone and welcome to my podcast,
I reviewed the horror film, Insidious. Insidious is about a family trying to defend their family and comatose son from evil spirits.
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My very first podcast

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Hello everyone,

I have been talking about starting a podcast for a very, very, very long time. Well, the time has come. It is official…my first podcast can be found below. Bare with me. It is my first. It will get better!

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Odd Thomas

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Release Date: February 28th, 2014

Plot Outline: A guy that can see dead people is faced with a dangerous mystery he only has one day to solve.

Rating: 3/5


Odd Thomas was an interesting movie. It was quirky and fun to watch and all the while kept me on the edge of my seat. What I liked most about this film was that it was completely unpredictable. Many films follow the same script over and over again and become completely predictable and boring to watch. Not Odd Thomas! Though there are many movies that involve an odd boy being able to see dead people, this was a twist on an old tale.

I did really like Odd Thomas and recommend it but there were a few downsides to the flick. The acting throughout the movie was pretty awful. It felt like the actors were forcing the words to come out of their mouths. The dialogues throughout the movie were awkward and forced, especially between the main couple of the film. While their relationship was cute, their over the top love for one another was nothing short of vomit worthy. Another downfall of the film was that there were minor plot holes. The plot holes weren’t huge or anything that will keep you up at night but I did notice a few.

My one major complaint about Odd Thomas was that instead of certain actions being taken to portray a point, the point was stated over and over and over again.

Two examples of this. 1: The two main characters, Odd and Stormy are in love. They constantly tell each other how in love with each other they are or that they are each other’s soul mates instead of just acting like they are in love. 2: Odd Thomas is supposedly a “weird” person. I would never once have thought he was strange or different if every 5 minutes someone didn’t state that he is odd or weird or different. His character seemed to be to be an average guy but the movie tries to drill in your head that he is strange by repeating it constantly.

Though the acting was bad, the characters were lovable. The film kept me on the edge of my seat and anxious throughout!

Overall I really liked Odd Thomas. I thought it was cute and fun to watch and it definitely kept my attention. It left me wanting more!

If you liked this see: Zombieland


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Plot Outline: A man summons a demon in hopes of finding his girlfriend that was stolen by another demon and taken to hell.

Release Date: 2009

Lo was…something else. It was quite interesting to watch. I was pretty confused the entire time and just didn’t know how to feel or react. It wasn’t like a real movie. It was this weird spoof of demon movies. The acting was awful. It was very over dramatized with the facial expressions that it was laughable. There was random singing…and the story was silly. And yet…I was intrigued. I couldn’t stop watching it. I needed to see where this insanity went.

Besides the make up and costumes, I felt like this was a movie I could have made with my friends. There wasn’t anything really special and it barely seemed like a real movie.

I did however love the ending. Throughout the film I was very curious as to how Lo would end. It was so odd that I couldn’t imagine what they would do. I was pleasantly surprised with the ending. It was y favorite part of the entire movie.



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Plot Outline: A group of strangers are trapped in an elevator and can sense evil is among them.

Release Date: September 17th 2010

I know many people aren’t M. Night Shyamalan fans actually, I know people are pretty anti M. Night but not me! I can’t help but love the guy. I always enjoy his movies. Keep ‘em comin’!

Everyone was telling me how awful Devil was. How stupid, silly, badly acted…all I heard were negative things about it. Knowing my love for M. Night movies I had to see it despite all the bad hype. Sure enough, I loved it.

Call me crazy but I thought it was an interesting plot.  Now, the acting wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been in other films I have seen lately. I found the characters to be loveable.

This can be risky in a movie but it brought up a lot of religion and questions about the unknown…God and such.

I liked this because I find these topics to be fascinating.

Devil actually really made me thing. It had a lot of great quotes and situations that brought up reflecting on your own life and faith.

Back to the movie aspect. I thought it did a good job of keeping me a little nervous. There were cues where we just knew something bad was going to happen. I liked that because it kept me on my toes.

There was a point in the film when I thought it should just end there but it kept going…

I didn’t like the ending too much. It was a bit predictable.

Overall I liked Devil. I thought it was well made, suspenseful, and thought provoking.


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Release Date: August 20th 2010

Plot Outline: Prehistoric Piranha are freed from under the ocean floor during spring break.

I LOVED Piranha, but not because it was a great, well-made, jaws-like film.

I loved Piranha because of its stupidity and for the pure satisfaction that obnoxious, horny, perverted college students die in a gory, horrendous, bloodbath! It was amazing.

Piranha was full of half naked girls with big boobs, drugs, alcohol, and blood.

I mean, the movie poster says, “Sea, Sex, and Blood”. That wasn’t a lie.

I appreciated that Piranha knew what it was and didn’t try to be anything else. It was a stupid, stupid, movie with hot people dying…what more could you possibly want from this movie?

A classic scene just to give you a taste of the movie’s mood: The main guy in charge of the Girls Gone Wild girls got half eaten by a swarm of Piranha. He gets dragged out of the water while yelling, “My penis! They took my penis!”

We then see his penis floating around in the water and then it gets eaten by a fish…seriously…I’m not joking.

The entire theater (all 7 of us) thoroughly enjoyed watching Piranha. The theater erupted into many laughs and loud clapping numerous times but these times occurred when people died slow torturous deaths.

You should have heard the roars of laughter during the main massacre and at the ending credits. We were all excited. It was a good ole’ time.

I totally recommend seeing Piranha with tons of friends! You will be disappointed but in the best, most humorous way possible.