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The Good Dinosaur

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Hello everyone and welcome to my podcast,
I reviewed the animated film, The Good Dinosaur. Arlo is lost from his home and finds a best friend. Can they find their way home together?
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The Lifeguard

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The Lifeguard

Release Date: 2013

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

Plot Outline: A 29 year old named Leigh moves home with her parents because she needs a break from her life. She gets a job as a lifeguard and starts a relationship with a 16 year old boy. 

Review: Lets talk about Pedophilia, since it seems to be the main topic in The Lifeguard.

I really liked The Lifeguard at first. I totally get the whole, needing a vacation from your life thing. Kristen Bell’s character, Leigh is in a relationship with a man that is engaged, she is not getting the recognition she desires at work, her friends don’t seem to understand her, and her job is stressful. She decides she has had enough. She packs up her cat and moves back home with her parents in Connecticut. 

Leigh gets a job as a lifeguard and meets Jay. His father is the maintenance man at the pool. Jay and Leigh spend a lot of time together and end up sleeping together, which gives me the heebie jeebies. But this is not the only heebie jeebie event in this movie. Leigh and her two adult friends, one being the PRINCIPAL of the H.S. hang out with Jay and his friends regularly! They smoke pot and drink together. To make matters even worse, (as if they can get worse!) Leigh’s friend Todd, a grown adult male makes a move on one of the teens when he is expressing his feelings of sadness and depression. My eyes popped, my heart stopped a little bit, I was in shock. 

Leigh’s friend Mel seems to have her life a little more together. She is married to a douche but that is pretty normal. They seem like they will break up, which is the logical thing one would think because she seems absolutely miserable with him but that’s a whole other story. Mel finds out Leigh and Jay are sleeping together and spills the beans…only…no one cares! No one in this movie seems to think pedophilia is a big deal at all. No one seems to think that 3 grown adults hanging out with a group of teenagers is anything out of the ordinary. I had a hard time comprehending the events in this movie. 

Leigh was a very unlikable character. Self absorbed does not even begin to cover it. She swoops in and completely disregards her parent’s lives. Her mom was a bitch to her the whole time and her mom was the only likable character in this whole damn movie.

All of these people need a reality check, some jail time, and maybe some education on why it is not OK to sleep with or hang out with 16 year old boys.