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Hush Movie Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to my podcast,
I reviewed the thriller, Hush. A woman seeking peace in the woods is terrorized by a masked killer. She fights to survive but the only thing is…she is deaf and can’t hear him coming!
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Netflix vs. Blockbuster

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In the never ending battle between Netflix and Blockbuster I decided to take it upon myself to unveil once and for all the true champion of the movie world!

I did the 2 week free trial for Blockbuster and the 1 month free trial from Netlix.

I will list the Pro’s and Con’s of each movie rental business:


Pro: A 1 month free trial.

Pro: Fantastic instant watch selection on the website.

Pro: Very fast delivery. A day or 2.

Con: A few of the DVD’s didn’t work properly.

Con: A few of the DVD’s didn’t arrive at all.

Pro: Once I complained about these 2 issues Netflix sent the new DVD’s right away and offered to extend my trial to a month and a half.

Con: I watch my movies the day I get them and send them right out. Once Netflix discovers this they tend to slow down the delivery time. (A man actually sued Netflix for this. I read the article a few years ago. No record of that lawsuit now)

Con: Netlix did not acknowledge the month trial and ended up charging me for 2 weeks, claiming it was only a 2 week free trial.

Pro: Once I called and complained the charges were taken away instantly.


Con: Only a 2 week free trial.

Con: No instant watch movies on the website.

Con: Movies took 2-4 days to arrive.

Con: Quite a few DVD’s didn’t work. Some came scratched and some actually came with dried food on them! Had to send them back and request new ones.

Con: My trial was almost over by the time the new ones would come.

Pro: I called to complain. They offered to extend my trail to a month but I declined and actually canceled the free trial before the 2 weeks was up because I was so frustrated.

In short: Netflix wins! Obviously…